Solar Power systems

Commercial Solar Power Systems

Sunward Solar Solutions, Inc. makes financial sense for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

With proven solar performance and the highest-efficiency solar products, Sunward Solar Solutions, Inc. is the right choice for your small and large-scale solar project.

Sunward Solar Solutions, Inc. Benefits

• Take control of your business monthly electricity bills.
• Take advantage of government and regional utility incentives.
• Combine energy efficiency measures with solar to improve your return on investment.
• Support your community and the environment.

Financing, Rebates and Tax Credits Can Pay 100% of Solar Energy System Costs
Businesses benefit directly from the 30% Federal and 35% State Solar Investment Tax Credit and 5-Year Accelerated Depreciation. In most states, installation costs of a solar energy system do not affect the assessed value of your property –
and the purchase is exempt from sales tax.

How Commercial Solar Power Works

1. Solar Modules
Solar modules mounted on the roof or grounds of your facility convert sunlight into DC power.

2. Inverter
This power is sent to a device called an inverter (or power converter) that converts the DC power from the solar modules into AC power identical to that being sent to you from the utility grid.

3. Utility Grid
Power produced by the solar modules flows into the grid through your electric meter. This process causes your meter to run backwards which earns you a credit with the utility company.