Solar Investment Tax Credit

The Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 includes the best Federal Solar Tax incentives in a generation. Customers can now achieve a payback on their solar investment in as little as six years with a combination of Federal and State Tax Credits.

Spotlight on Commercial Solar Tax Incentives
There are both state and federal tax credits available for commercial entities planning to integrate renewable energy into their new and existing projects. Commercial systems are eligible for the best tax credits and generally have paybacks that are less than four years for thermal systems and less than six years for solar electric (PV) systems.

Now you can save up to 65% off a Solar Power System:
• Excellent Investment Payback.
• Elegantly Designed, High-Performance system for your roof.
• Financing Available.

Here’s an example of how affordable solar has become and how you can take advantage of the situation by
combining the new Federal and State Tax Credits:





Solar improvements can increase property values by 30%…Tax Free!