Green Energy Income

RECs – Renewable Energy Credits (Also Solar RECs or SRECs)
• Representation of energy used from green power.
• Shows your money went toward something green initiatives.
• 1 REC = 1MWh = 1000kWh.

Carbon Credits:
• Carbon Financial Instruments (CFI).
• Unit of measure Traded – similar to a physical commodity.
• Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX).

NC Green Power – Production Incentive
• Varies by technology and customer demand for NC GreenPower.
• Income paid directly to you from your generated electricity.

Solar energy systems represent a significant positive investment for decades for a business that delivers inexpensive power. With the generous incentives available, that investment is even more affordable. These incentives include a wide range of federal, state, and local programs that substantially offset initial costs in the form of tax credits, grants, loans, leasing and direct equipment sales. These programs, as extensive as they are, can be confusing to identify and understand. What’s more, the process of filing the appropriate documents to receive tax credits after installation can be quite difficult.

The best way to take advantage of these solar energy incentives is to call Sunward Solar Solutions, Inc. at 704-491-5737. We have the knowledge and experience to guide you and manage the tax credits for your new solar system.