Benefits of Solar Energy

Take Advantage of Government Rebates and Tax Credits
Programs have been developed to encourage businesses to generate their own solar power. These programs which include tax credits, loan programs and other financial incentives can pay for up to 50% of the total system cost.

In addition to existing State tax credits and incentives, the Federal government offers a 30% Federal tax credit on solar power systems and also allows businesses an accelerated depreciation schedule over five years.

Marketing Your Green Initiatives
Going green is good business when addressed appropriately in your marketing and public relations efforts. A growing number of consumers now make their buying decisions based on the perceived environmental responsibility of the vendor.

By investing in solar power, you help advance the environmental cause that will lead to a better and cleaner future. Customers will look favorably upon your efforts, which may also lead to more business for you. Also, implementing a solar energy efficiency project provides a golden opportunity to address conservation as a business strategy and to instill cost-conscious behavior in your employees.

High Reliability and Low Maintenance
With no moving parts, solar PV systems require minimal maintenance. Keeping the panels clean is the primary maintenance task. The solar PV modules are used in many extreme applications by NASA and the military and have proven to be extremely reliable. They have long warranties and should remain working as long as the sun is shining!