Sunward Solar Solutions
People ask us, “What does Sunward mean?” We answer that Sunward is a new way to say “unlimited power for life.” To us, producing clean electricity from the sun is the best way to respect the earth and one another. Plus, your Solar solution lets you redirect your funds away from high-cost, nonrenewable, polluting energy sources—to healthy activities that you can share and enjoy


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Ready to GO SOLAR?

Learn everything you need to know. Sunward Solar Solutions, Inc. will guide you, every step of the way.
2 Free Site Evaluation.
We will schedule a site evaluation and consultation for you at your place of business at a time that is convenient. Site evaluations are free of charge and usually require from 1 to 2 hours to perform.
3 Proposal and Contract.
We’ll write a proposal that covers system design, costs, and tax credit eligibility. The proposal may also contain a projection of your electrical billing and usage, as well as payback, cash flow, and savings calculations. The proposal will deliver all the information you need to determine why going solar is good for your business.
4 Get solar power panels installed in a matter of days and lock in your savings.
Get Sunward Solar Solutions, Inc. solar power panels: beautifully designed, high-performance, fully reliable panels that look great on your roof.
5 Get Income.
Sunward Solar Solutions, Inc. makes going solar easy by handling all the paperwork for you. We can help you with a payment strategy that will fit your financial needs and reduce your electricity payments.
A solar power system can help you save money now. State and federal tax credits and free financing can minimize your upfront investment. To get started now, please call us at 704-491-5737 to initiate your free evaluation and determine if your business is a candidate for a solar system.